The 11 Surprising Beauty Products Italian Women Love

There’s no denying the fascination we Americans have with French beauty. After all, a French woman’s effortless polish is undeniably chic and something we unabashedly imitate from afar (ahem, no-makeup makeup). But let’s take a moment and appreciate the other end of the spectrum, shall we? Namely: Italian women, with their bold cat-eyes, look-at-me lipstick, and teased hair. Italian ladies embrace the glamorous side of beauty without a second thought, and take pride in every minute they spend in front of a vanity.

In honour of the dramatic, bold, impossibly glamorous side of Italian beauty, we’re sharing 11 of the most celebrated products from the homeland of Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci. Sure, most of them require a trip overseas to procure, but what’s the harm in a little foreign eye (makeup) candy? From the “MAC of Italy” to the most heavenly bath and body line, keep scrolling to see 11 beauty products Italian women love—and maybe start planning a trip to Italy while you’re at it, ?