Are Pricey Skincare Products Worth It? We Asked a Cosmetic Chemist

What is it about a luxe skincare product that tempts us to go carte blanche with our bank accounts? After all, spending $100 for a small pot of face cream seems just slightly obscene—that is, until we’re greeted with exquisite packaging; a silky, light-as-air formula; and the lightest, most intoxicating scent. Consider us goners. But after a while—artful packaging aside—we have to wonder: Are these pricey products really worth the splurge? Are the ingredients inside them really that much better and more powerful than their wallet-friendlier counterparts? We took our query to Joyce de Lemos, a cosmetic chemist at a major beauty brand. What we found out was eye-opening, to say the least. Keep scrolling to see what we learned! 

Opener Image: Imaxtree