So… Botox Comes From Ireland, Plus 5 Other Fascinating Irish Beauty Facts

We all have our sweeping generalisations surrounding the beauty ideals of different countries: Brazilians all have bronzed, hairless skin, French girls are all makeup-free and effortlessly cool. When you think of an Irish woman, what do you picture? Red hair and fair, freckled skin? Quite the contrary: You'll find more red-headed Brits than Irishmen/women (40% compared to the latter's 10%). In the same vein, Irish women consume the most sunless tanner per capita than any other European country (more on that later). After chatting with Sonia Deasy, Irish inhabitant and founder of skincare brand Pestle & Mortar, we picked up on even more fascinating facts that made us want to dive into the Emerald Isle's beauty space even deeper.

Ahead, take a look at the country's most popular industry treatments and products, native beauty secrets and much more.

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