I Don't Know About You, But I Can't Wait for Apple's New Screen Time Feature



I never update the apps on my iPhone. Until WhatsApp locks me out or Instagram launches a Stories update I really, really want, I'll happily go on ignoring that growing update indicator on my App Store icon. And as for full iOS updates, who has time or patience to sit through all of that restarting? But having heard about what's to come with the new iOS 12 update, I'm certain that I'll be downloading it as soon as that alert pings up.

No, it's not because I'll finally be able to turn my face into an Animoji (although I'm psyched about that too)—it's because I just can't wait to implement its new Screen Time feature. Apple announced it earlier this week, and the new app is set to help us take control of the time we spend on our screens. Although there's not a tonne of information available just yet, it seems as though the new app will have the function to record and analyse how much time we spend on our iPhones and iPads, breaking it down into time spent on social media, emails, internet, etc. It'll also record how much of this digital usage is after bedtime. I have a feeling I'm about to find out just how serious my mindless Instagram scrolling habit is.