The Internet Reveals Its Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes

What with all the chat this week about Kylie Jenner's Kyshadow palette and how it sold out in under a minute, it makes sense that makeup addicts are talking about their most-loved shades and brands. And lo and behold, the internet has spoken and revealed its favourite eye shadow palettes.

On the Reddit thread MakeupAddiction (the struggle is real, people), a very important question was asked by user laneloveslipstick:

"I think everyone has a few favourite shadows that are their go-tos! I was thinking yesterday how cool it would be if all of my favorite eyeshadows were in one palette. Of course, you could build your own Z palette! But a lot of my favorite shadows don't come in singles, and that's a lot of depotting! Instead in my imagination, I can build my own palette featuring any eyeshadow [I] choose. They'd all have the same size/shape pans and be in my own gorgeous packaging."

That's a pretty fabulous idea, don't you think? Now, while this can't always be achieved, as laneloveslipstick pointed out that the individual shadows aren't always available, we did pay attention to the favourite palettes that cropped up in the thread as we quickly realised there were a mere handful of palettes that everyone preferred.

Many chose similar, if not the same, palettes. From Urban Decay's iconic Naked collection to Too Faced's various shades, we've narrowed down the most popular, as well as the favourite colour in each palette.  

Keep scrolling to find out the most popular eye shadow palettes, according to the internet, and where to buy them.

As makeup addicts we love all of these, but can you tell us which ones are your favourites? Sound off in the comments!

Opening Image: @stilacosmetics