15 Products Insiders Really Rate From Your Favourite Beauty Brands

Being a PR expert in the beauty world involves immersing yourself in the brand (or multiple brands) you represent, shining a light on the brilliant experts, products and stories that make a successful brand just that, plus getting journalists like me to feature them. It's hard work—not all champagne and parties à la Eddy in Ab Fab.

What dawned on me recently during an email chain with one PR for a global makeup brand is that these men and women are truly immersed in their brands—they see and try every single product, which means they're bound to have some favourites that aren't necessarily the cult buy the brand is known for or the hot-off-the-press new product everyone is talking about.

No, they'll have trusted favourites, products that only a true brand fan or insider will love. I wanted to shine a light on these products, so I asked 15 PRs who represent some of the biggest brands in the world to share their essentials. Keep scrolling for their insider tips on what products to buy.

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