These Websites Show Which Ingredients Are Really in Your Beauty Products

When it comes to choosing beauty products, what's most important to you? How it looks, what it does or what its ingredients are? Sometimes beauty industry jargon can be confusing, masking a product's true ingredients and effectiveness.

What better way of knowing which product is right for you than really narrowing down what's inside of it? That's where ingredient checkers come in. These handy websites and apps break down the marketing lingo and list all the ingredients that are actually inside your beauty products.

This sparked a discussion in our private Facebook group, The British Beauty Line, where our members discussed which ingredient checkers they use and love. It inspired us to do some deep digging and share the best ingredient checkers with all of you.

So which ingredient checker is best?

As much as each and every one of these apps and websites is useful, when it comes to checking ingredients, citing as many sources as possible is always important. Take into consideration who has sourced the information and remember that for every research paper stating that an ingredient is harmful, there's probably another three stating it's completely safe. It's also worth noting that there are so few "perfect" products out there, so there's often an element of compromise.

Do you use an ingredient checker we've not discovered yet? Join in the conversation over at The British Beauty Line and let us know.

Opening Image: @emmahoareau