How to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally

There are countless articles that tell us that if we eat certain foods or dress a certain way, it will immediately increase our sex drives. Because we thrive on instant gratification, we end up buying into it. But sex is more complex than we would like to admit.

"The most courageous thing we can do, and not just about sex but about anything, is to want something," says sex therapist Wendy Strgar. "You know, wanting to want is a profoundly courageous space." Strgar doesn't believe in quick tricks for increasing your sex drive; she believes in looking at the root of your desires.

"Most often low sex drive is a result of imbalanced hormones or the presence of anxiety and depression," says yoga instructor and pelvic floor guru Karly Tracey.

So we're not going to give you a list of foods that'll turn you on or herbs to put into your tea to instantly get you in the mood. We're looking at the bigger picture here. We're looking at the emotional weight behind it all (yes, even in casual sex, our emotions can mess with our libido). We asked both Strgar and Tracey to break it down for us.

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