8 Immune-Boosting Smoothies We Want to Sip All Day Long

Whether it’s flu season, allergy season or you’re just in the mood for a refreshing, flavorful drink, an immune-boosting smoothie is always a good idea. By snacking on something as easy and convenient as a smoothie, you can jam-pack your body with antioxidants, vitamins and more superfoods that kick-start your immune system into gear. Smoothies are (rightfully) all the rage these days, as they are easy to make, totally filling and can give your body a plethora of health benefits.

There’s seriously a smoothie to aid any type of health woe. Need an extra dose of veggies in your diet? Try a green smoothie. Lacking on protein? Try a peanut butter smoothie, or add a scoop of your favourite vegan protein powder. Getting sick? Add an extra helping of vitamin C or an antioxidant-rich fruit to your blender. Want more ideas? Go ahead and keep scrolling to find out what immune-boosting smoothies we’re sipping on right now. Blend. Slurp. Repeat.