Here's How to Work Out How Much of a Beauty Obsessive You Are

Considering you've found yourself here on Byrdie UK, it's safe to say you probably have at least a faint interest in the world of beauty. But just how obsessed are you? The more dedicated amongst us will be the types to get up at the crack of dawn to join a digital queue of hopefuls looking to get their hands on the latest celebrity beauty range. Their brain will hold an encyclopedia of the world's most iconic beauty products. A true addict will have Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic bookmarked to the top of Google Chrome, and they'll have a bathroom cabinet to rival the aisles of Boots.

Sound like you? Well, we've devised a wholly scientific (not really) formula to work out just how obsessed with beauty you are. Click through to the gallery below of iconic beauty products every self-respecting beauty obsessive will have tried, keeping track of how many you've owned over your lifetime. Tot up your score and at the end, and we'll tell you just how much of a beauty obsessive you truly are.