Hyperpigmentation Is Really Annoying, But Here's How to Deal With It

Hyperpigmentation is one of those annoying skincare concerns that seems to pop out from nowhere—it's as though you just wake up one morning and right there across your forehead, cheeks or chin is a smattering of brown-tinged patches that continue to taunt you every time you get even remotely close to a mirror.

But if you think you can just sit back, let your skin do its thing and soon your complexion will return to a blanket of uniform skin tone once more, get ready for a rude awakening: Hyperpigmentation treatment is going to take a little bit of effort. While some types of hyperpigmentation, like the sort that comes after you've popped a rather big spot, will slowly fade, this can still take months. And there are other types (like the kind produced by UV exposure) that will take a little coaxing for it ever to fade.

This topic is one that is definitely best discussed with an expert, and so we turned to Anita Sturnham, GP, dermatologist and founder of Nuriss Skincare & Wellness Clinics, for her advice on the best practice hyperpigmentation treatment. Keep scrolling for her very useful guide on the matter.