Why Sephora is Changing the Beauty Vitamin Game

Sephora is taking the guesswork out of beauty vitamins with the newest brand to hit their roster: Hum Nutrition. Looking for a pill that will give you radiant skin, longer hair, or stronger nails? You’ve come to the right place. California-based Hum Nutrition started with a simple idea: create personalised vitamin combinations for specific results. With the help of two UC Davis professors and a team of nutritionists, the brand has created numerous formulas geared towards those who want beauty benefits from their daily multi. Of course, the clever names don’t hurt either.

Hitting Sephora today, expect formulas like Red Carpet (with black currant seed oil for skin and hair), Killer Nails (featuring biotin for stronger nails), Here Comes The Sun (packed with D3 for those who stay out of the sun), and many more. Or try a vitamin pack that combines two formulas in one, like The Urbanist (Here Comes The Sun and Uber Energy) and Clear & Flawless (Daily Cleanse and OMG!, an omega blend), all for $35 a pop. (Both options have a 30-day supply.) Plus, they’re non-GMO, gluten free, vegetarian, and are often sustainably sourced. Taking vitamins just got cool again.