Reviewed: We Put the Internet's #1 False Lashes to the Test

If you're going to invest in false lashes, then, if Instagram is anything to go by, you need to buy Huda Beauty lashes. Huda Kattan, the makeup artist and influencer–turned–beauty mogul, has 16.9 million followers on Instagram, and #hudalashes has had over 80,000 mentions on the social media platform. 

Now, let me level with you. I'm a beauty editor, an expert in beauty, but I have not worn false strip lashes since New Year's Eve 2002, when I spent a large portion of the night with one strip lash in my hair after it had fallen out and attached itself to my well-hair-sprayed curls, unbeknownst to me. My saving grace was that it was a dark bar and my girlfriend alerted me as soon as she spotted I had one very spidery eye and one very bare eye—the horror—as soon as we made our next trip to the fluorescent-lit bathroom. 

Since then, I have dabbled with clusters for special occasions (not such a beauty emergency if you lose a couple of lashes, compared to the whole lot), but strip lashes, no, not for me. However, I have lifted my strip-lash ban to try the most popular strip lashes on the internet. If they can't persuade me, nothing will. Keep scrolling to see how I got on with the Huda Beauty lashes.

There is a pretty impressive array of Huda Beauty strip lashes to choose from. Giselle Lashes #1 (£13), which are one of the best sellers, offer light volume and subtle statement (my pick for this experiment). There are Carmen Lashes #9 (£14), which give serious volume, while Camille Lashes #16 (£16) are kinda spiky for standout lashes. Essentially, there are plenty of different styles to suit your mood, preference and the overall look you're going for. 

The lashes themselves are relatively easy to apply: You lift them from the box and give them a wiggle (so they are more malleable and easy to apply). You then apply a little lash glue, which is sold separately, and apply them as close to your own lash line as possible. They are a little fiddly to apply (that's why lash brands offer applicators), but no more than I remember. Even though Giselle is meant to be a more "natural" style, it was still pretty standout. I'm so used to my natural lashes (I've only dabbled with extensions a handful of times) that I found they completely transformed my face.

I wore them to work and a couple of meetings, and I was met with a flurry of compliments at each. I applied them before work and they took just 10 minutes—impressive considering I would usually reserve a good 30-minute window in my getting-ready time to apply those clusters before a wedding. The lashes are attached to a fine black strip, as well. I don't wear eyeliner, but I felt I needed to apply a little at the inner and outer corners, so ensure you have a liquid liner at hand.

I'm not about to start applying false lashes as standard, but I've definitely got over my fear of strip lashes and am already eyeing up the Monique Lashes #3 (£13). They promise to add subtle curl, volume and open up the eyes.