Everything You Ever Wanted (and Needed) to Know About Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty is kind of a big deal in the industry. The makeup artist turned beauty entrepreneur has over 29 million followers on Instagram and was named as one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet by Time in 2017. But who is Huda Kattan, and how did she become so successful? Sit back and relax because we're here to tell you everything…

Who is Huda Beauty?

Huda Kattan founder of Huda Beauty is a beauty mogul who was born and raised in America to Iraqi parents. She now lives and works out of Dubai with her husband and daughter.

How did Huda Kattan become so successful?

Huda attended the University in Michigan and studied finance before swapping career paths to follow her dream of becoming a makeup artist. In 2010, Kattan started her blog, Huda Beauty and a YouTube channel. By 2013, Kattan had built her cosmetic line (Huda Beauty), which initially launched with a line of false eyelashes.

The Huda Beauty Instagram channel not only features tutorials from Huda herself but also features regrams other beauty blogger's videos, which often then go viral thanks to the exposure.

Since then, Kattan has topped Instagram's Rich List more than once as the highest-earning influencer on the entire social media platform. HopperHQ reported that Kattan earns up to $33,000 (which is more than £25,000) for a single sponsored post. Although, as she notes in the video below, Kattan rarely posts sponsored content.

Now, together with her two sisters Mona and Alya, Kattan's beauty empire is stocked around the world and offers everything from eyelashes to eye-shadow palettes and, more recently, a brand-new fragrance line called Kayali.

With new Power Bullet Metallic Lipsticks (£18) launching soon and plans to expand into skincare, here are five of the top beauty picks from Huda that (if you haven't tried already) are well worth the money.