How to Embrace Your Body By Saying Goodbye to the Scale



Raise your hand if you’ve ever written down a goal weight as part of your New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all done it and then felt pressure; it usually involves many mornings spent standing on the scale. With every fluctuation in number, our inner critic can often get louder, and research has shown that when female participants weighed themselves more frequently, they had less body satisfaction, lower self-esteem and more symptoms of depression.

We’ve all heard how inaccurate scales can be and seen the proof for ourselves, but it can be tricky to confront our belief systems. If you’ve found it hard to say goodbye to the scale, we’ve got some mindset-changing tips for you. We spoke with Amy Rushworth, certified health and life coach and founder of Wellness With Amy, who specialises in confidence coaching, to find out how you can start to accept and embrace your body minus the scale.