Here's Proof That '90s Hair Accessories Do Belong in 2018

When we took our first step into 2018, we didn't think we'd find ourselves stepping back into the hair mecca that is Claire's Accessories and rummaging through the walls of butterfly clips, glittery alice bands and pastel-hued kirby grips. But as the catwalks and street style stars have recently decreed, '90s style hair accessories are firmly back on the beauty agenda.

But hold up… Before you start reminiscing about double denim and all the hours you spent watching Clarissa Explains It All, it feels important to note that like us, the humble hair accessory has now well and truly grown up. The glitz of crystal-encrusted hair slides and the glow of neon-coloured plastic hair grips have been replaced with chic tortoiseshell slides and faux-marble barrettes.

Yes, the new wave of hair accessories might have the feel of the '90s, but thanks to their subtlety, they have the look of 2018 and will slip nicely into our hair wardrobes. Of course, that's as long as you know how to style them—to give you a helping hand, we took it upon ourselves to work a handful of the high street's coolest hair accessories into our own go-to hairstyles.