Want Airbrushed Foundation? Try This Loose Powder Trick



We’ll be the first to admit that loose powder used to be one of those things we skipped simply because it’s slightly intimidating. However, the finely milled loose powder can provide foundation and concealer with an airbrushed finish that’s totally worth the extra step. Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, who glams Oscar-winning actresses Lupita Nyong’o and Brie Larson, knows plenty about its benefits—and its potential pitfalls. 

“I always set foundation with translucent loose powder. It keeps skin looking polished and fresh with no greasiness and prevents foundation or concealer from creasing,” he says. “But the wrong formula and too much of it can look powdery, which ages you because it will make skin look dry and bring out wrinkles.”

When it comes to application, most of us would probably reach for a fluffy powder brush, but the correct way to set powder so that it looks natural is to use a powder puff. “Using a velour powder puff that’s not too fluffy so it won’t pick up too much powder is key,” says Barose. “Focus on the T-zone. My favourite powder puff is from Make Up For Ever.” So while a brush can sweep across the face seamlessly, sprinkling loose powder onto a puff and pressing it into your makeup will lock in foundation as opposed to just letting the powder sit on top of your skin. So easy!

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