Experts Reveal: How to Get the Most From Your Fitness Tracker

Got yourself a fitness tracker for Christmas but don't know how to use it or what all the data means? You're not alone, but don't let that put you off. While we all have those great intentions come January and tell ourselves This is the year I finally get fit, when it comes down to it, motivating ourselves can be hard. But thanks to the many fitness trackers on the market, we now have a great way to help us know just how many calories we eat every day, how much sleep we get, and how many steps we've taken. And it can be just what we need to keep going. However, just how useful is all this data?

We spoke to three experts, sleep practitioner James Wilson of The Sleep Geek on, you guessed it, tracking your sleep; personal trainer Carly Tierney, health and fitness expert for DW Fitness Clubs, on how to work out better according to your data, and Matt Plowman from Cardiff Sports Nutrition on the nutritional info we should be taking notice of. There were plenty of insights that we'd never known before, so keep scrolling to find out just how to use your fitness tracker and what it all means…

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Opening Image: P.E.Nation