Burning This Essential Oil Can Actually Help Reduce Stress

What if we told you that if you learnt how to use aromatherapy oils, your life could be a little less stressful? Think about it: How many times this week have you wished that your workload was a little less stressful? Or felt tired after yet another night of bad sleep? Or prayed for a confidence boost before a big meeting? These are emotions that pretty much all of us experience every single day, but so few of us do anything to aid ourselves through the tricky times, even if it takes a matter of seconds.

Now, aromatherapy may trigger more than a few sceptical eyebrow raises, but there is something in stealthily sniffing an essential oil through the day’s more trying moments. And whether or not you believe the practice can remedy unsettled moods, you can at least agree with this: Aromatherapy oils smell beautiful. For those who are ready to open their minds to mood-boosting fragrances, we’ve spoken to Neal’s Yard Remedies aromatherapist Fran Johnson about the most essential of essential oils.

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