The 6 Unlikely Ways You Can Use Your Facial Roller



2018 has been the year of the facial roller. Whether yours is jade, rose quartz or amethyst, the likelihood is that you've factored a little facial rolling into your routine. And while my boyfriend enjoys giving me the side-eye when I'm rolling the gadget along my jawline and under my cheekbones, turns out using a facial roller is scientifically proven to improve your skin.

Naoyuki Hayashi of the Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Tech and colleagues at Tokyo Healthcare University and the Research and Development Center, MTG Co. Ltd., conducted a study that proved facial massages done with a roller increased blood flow to the area. "The increase in skin blood flow after applying the massage roller persisted much longer than we had expected," wrote the researchers. Since blood flow is what delivers much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the skin, that's a definite positive.

But did you know you can use your facial roller beyond just your face? When I saw that the BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller can be used on the body, I reached out to the CEO and founder, Jamie O'Banion, for her tips and tricks.