The #1 Thing You Should Always Do With Your Beautyblender for a Flawless Base

The Beautyblender is a modern-day phenomenon. Not since Shu Uemura’s eyelash curlers or the Clarisonic launched has a tool caused quite such a stir. The Beautyblender is loved by the world’s biggest makeup artists, including Mario Dedivanovic, who uses it on the Kardashian sisters, and it’s a constant on Instagram posts (the hashtag #beautyblender has been used well over 800,000 times).

But how do you know if you are using your Beautyblender correctly? And did you know there are a tonne of secret uses for the distinctive makeup sponge? Exciting, we know. We called on Aline Elasmar, global MUA for Beautyblender, to share her definitive guide to using your Beautyblender and the secret uses you can unlock.

How to Use a BeautyBlender

According to Elasmar, all Beautyblenders should be used wet, and this is essentially a non-negotiable, “Your Beautyblender should always be used wet. You know Beautyblender is in perfect condition for use when it has expanded to twice its original size,” she adds.

To wet your Beautyblender, run it under the tap. Squeeze out excess water and towel-dry. Apply foundation, BB cream, CC cream and powder products with the original Beautyblender, and use a “bouncing” technique to tap and blend onto the face.

Elasmar recommends not dragging the blender across your face. Instead, “bouncing the sponge allows for seamless blending (with no streaks or lines of demarcation) and the most product payoff on the skin. You can either use the tip or base for bouncing.”

And regardless of the product type, the process is always the same: “Wet, squeeze, bounce.” Kylie Jenner uses her Beautyblender a little extra wet and bounces it over her powder to set it in place and prevent it from going cakey (a trick she learnt from Dedivanovic).

Perhaps it’s time you stocked up.

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