The Miraculous 5-Minute Massage Trick That Will Unblock Your Nose, Fast

A couple of months ago, I had a terrible cold—you know, one of those real shockers where you lie down and can't breathe. The only thing you can think about is how to unblock your nose. Ever the optimist, I hadn't bought any Vicks nasal spray, my go-to for relieving blocked sinuses whenever a cold strikes. But late into the night, in a fit of frustration, I did what we all do: I turned to Google for advice.

During my frantic search, I came across the alternative treatment that is acupressure massage. The theory goes that we all have energy flowing through different meridians within our bodies. Much like in acupuncture (but without the needles), light pressure is applied to different points on the body to clear blockages. Guided by what I read, I started pressing and massaging around my nose, on my head and around my neck until, quite miraculously, my sinuses opened, and I could breathe! It lasted long enough for me to fall into a much-needed slumber.




To save you the time of rooting around online during those desperate early hours, I called on Darren Rose, a master of Chinese medicine, to share a simple and effective five-minute acupressure massage that will clear your sinuses and help you breathe easy, whether you're suffering from a hefty cold or an annoying bout of hay fever. Keep scrolling for your guide to clearing a blocked nose—fast.

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