How to Tame Your Baby Hairs (Once and for All)



Raise your hand if you love spending a good hour styling and blow-drying your hair only to step away and see your unruly baby hairs everywhere. We can’t see you, but we’re going to go ahead and guess you didn’t raise your hand. It’s okay because we didn’t either. Baby hairs: We can’t live with them, and we literally cannot live without them, no matter how hard we try. They’re stubborn, frail, fine and just downright infuriating at times, but with frustration comes innovation. We’ve rounded up some of the best and easiest ways to tame your pesky flyaways, and we’ve even come up with a few ways for you to embrace your baby hairs. Keep scrolling to find out how to tame or embrace your baby hairs (once and for all).

The Tame:

Step 1: Water them down. Baby hairs need to be completely wet in order to style them. This doesn’t mean you have to do a full shampoo every time you want to style your fine hairs, but instead just reach for a mist bottle and spritz along your hairline to dampen the strands (a good splash works too).

Step 2: Heat them up. Once your baby hairs are wet, secure a hold on them with your index and middle fingers, and begin the blow-drying process. Begin to pull the fine hairs approximately one or two inches from the scalp and dry them with heat for three seconds. Then, blast them with cool air for three seconds. Alternating between hot and cool will help protect frail hairs from burning. Remember that baby hairs at the front of your head dry quickly, so be careful not to over-dry them.

Step 3: Set the strands. Grab a toothbrush and mist the bristles with a medium- to firm-hold hairspray, like L’Oreal Elnett Firm Hold Hairspray (£5), and then gently brush over the baby hairs along the hairline and into place. If you don’t want to buy another toothbrush, grab a tissue instead. Spritz a folded tissue with a small amount of hairspray, and slide it across your hairline, smoothing down any stubborn baby hairs along the way. And if you are not a fan of hairspray, you can opt out for a styling cream instead, like Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream (£33). You can apply the cream with your fingertips or put a dab onto a toothbrush to smooth over flyaways.

The Embrace:


Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The other option? Embrace your baby hairs. The baby hair trend has been taking off even with celebs like Rihanna sporting the look. So what hairstyles can perfectly mask and incorporate your pesky wisps? Any messy hairstyle, really. You’ll look adorably undone with messy locks that are loosely tied in a braid, bun or ponytail. A messy braid will allow you to twist and hide stray baby hairs without having to use any products; the wispy hairs instead will just look like a part of the style. A half-updo is also another perfect style for making baby hairs part of your look. Tying up half of your hair by either clipping or pinning the top section will not only add to the body of the style, but it will also overshadow any lingering baby hairs.

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