The Simple Trick to Supercharge Your Supplements



Let’s be frank: Choosing which supplements to take can be pretty overwhelming, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if we’re popping the right capsules for the results we want. Then there’s the matter of how to take them. Do we swallow them on an empty stomach? Is it possible to have too many vitamins? How do we know if we’re taking too few? The list of questions goes on.

Given the confusion, it could be tempting to avoid taking supplements altogether, but that would mean missing out on a whole host of skin and body benefits. So we’re taking the guesswork out of capsule shopping with our guide to the most effective supplement pairings, from the combo that gives you a glowy complexion to the ultimate weight-loss team. If you’ve always wanted to know how to take supplements that see tangible results, the co-founder of Victoria Health, Shabir Daya, has the answers.