How to Cut Your Shower Time in Half

How often have you blitzed through your shower checklist only to hop out and realise that somehow, 20 minutes have just completely vanished? For those of us who don't just shampoo and go, showering is a not-so-secret time-suck—one that can lead to a hectic, rushed morning routine that in turn sets a stressful tone for the day ahead. (It's also not so great for the environment, whether you're battling a drought or not.)

But just as we've mastered the art of efficient makeup application and hairstyling—most of the time, anyway—we Byrdie editors have managed to master the art of the efficient shower, too. It's all about a careful balance of multitasking and choosing the right products—as well as a few other clever hacks along the way. 

So let us help make your mornings a little less chaotic. Keep reading to see our go-to methods for showering as quickly as possible. 

Your turn—got any speedy shower tips for us? Sound off below.