The Ultimate Curly-Hair Routine by a Beauty Editor Who Has Tried Everything

Minus a month here and a week there, I spent the first 24 years of my life hating my curly hair. I’m the daughter of a biracial couple, and my Caucasian mother just didn’t know what to do with the hair I had earned from my father’s Antiguan roots. I spent my entire childhood in fear of the hairbrush, considering it merely a weapon that led to not only a sore scalp but weird tufts of brown fluff perching on top of my shoulders.

I was helpless, I had no idea how to style my curly hair. And this desperation led me to do some questionable things like stealing handfuls of my brother’s hair gel to slick my frizzy hair into the tightest bun my arms could manage. Yep, year 8 was a dark, dark time. I would also spend most Sunday nights singeing my hair to death with pre–Ghd era hair straighteners and praying that the effect (a barely straight mane of frazzled hair the texture of crinkle-cut chips, in case you were wondering) would last the entire week.