The 5 Tricks Every Anxious Person Should Know

If you've ever had a panic attack, then you know how frightening they can be. Your heart races faster. You can't breathe properly. Dizziness, dry mouth and sweaty palms. Sound familiar? Sometimes they will be brought on by a particular event, and other times they will suddenly creep up on you, like the least fun game of Grandma's Footsteps ever.

How do I know what this feels like? Well, I am a highly anxious person. I take diazepam to fly (prescribed, before you start raising those eyebrows). I get white-coat syndrome when the doctor takes my blood pressure. (That's basically when your blood pressure shoots up even if there's nothing wrong. Yes, I'm neurotic). I've been known to have sleepless nights and have been unable to eat at times when it's been really bad. Over the years, I've experienced numerous panic attacks. But this isn't a sob story for you. No, today I want to show you how you can get through a panic attack. 

Now, while I'm not a medical professional when it comes to anxiety, I can tell you this: There are no quick fixes. Also, my tricks for helping you through a panic attack won't stop you from ever having one again, but the next time you have one, these might just make it more bearable. Keep scrolling for my five tips on what you should never do when you're anxious.

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Opening Image: Madewell