5 Things Nutritionists Do Before Drinking (That You Should Do Too)

Some of us swear by coconut water. Others go old school and opt for a Nurofen and a can of Coke. But, let’s face it, once a hangover hits, we’ve yet to find a magical cure for that too familiar, lousy, can’t-leave-the-bed feeling. So, in an effort to not kick off the festive season (or New Year’s Eve, where a hangover is pretty much guaranteed) with a major headache, we’re taking a more proactive approach to hangovers: by attempting to prevent them entirely.

Yes, we know, this seems way easier said than done—and, you’re right, it is. That said, though we may not be bouncing out of bed and ready to run a marathon after a long night of drinking, we’re certain that there’s a way to significantly lessen those crappy symptoms. To aid in this quest, we enlisted Elissa Goodman, a certified holistic nutritionist, for her simple, smart and results-driven approach to health. Keep scrolling to find out what a nutritionist does before drinking—and take notes.