How To Stop Biting Your Nails—For Real, This Time

Biting your nails is a tough habit to break. Unfortunately, it also leads to damaged, unsightly nails that hurt—a lot (and yet, you still keep biting). Anxiety and stress are common reasons why people turn to nail biting—but, bitten nails can also cause stress and anxiety, especially in social situations. It's a never-ending loop.

We asked psychologist Mary Lamia, Ph.D, dermatologist Chris Adigun, MD, member of the Dermelect Board of Advisors, and Dermelect's colour curator and celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein to give us their top tips for kicking this habit for good.

(And once you stop, be sure to try out one of these gorgeous polishes—your fingers will be so happy.)


Keep reading to see tips for quitting nail biting once and for all.