Women Over 80 Share Their Best Beauty Tips


Rosie Collins

At Byrdie, we talk at length about how to keep our skin, bodies, and minds youthful. Typically, the tips we report come from experts in their 30s and 40s. But as interest in brain health, longevity and lifelong wellness increases, we've been inspired to look for advice in new places.

According to WorldLifeExpectancy.com, the average life expectancy of an American woman is 78.6 years. (Unsurprisingly, the longest-living U.S. women reside in Hawaii.) But there's a difference between simply living long and living well. As beauty and health aficionados, our goal is to make the most of every year we've got (and to look great while we're at it).

To figure out how to accomplish this, we consulted four women who've lived happily and healthily for eight decades or more. We asked these impressive 80- and 90-somethings to reveal their beauty and health secrets so we could steal them as soon as possible. Keep scrolling to learn how to stay young forever, according to women over 80!