6 Ways To Kick Your Negative Thoughts To The Curb

“Staying positive” is one of those vague, abstract things we try to do when we’re having a bad day—but it’s more worthwhile than you think. Improving your mental outlook and learning to overcome obstacles like negativity, fear, and stress can attract better opportunities and help you achieve greater success, according to behavioural strategist and author of Mastering The Mental Edge, Mike Basevic. “[Everyone] will benefit from learning to understand their emotions and insecurities, and how to quickly move through them,” he says.

Today, let’s take a vow to kick negative thoughts to the curb and make ourselves available for all the opportunities the universe wants to throw our way—consider this our metaphorical arms-raised-in-the-air, yelling-at-the-world Garden State moment.

Keep reading for six practical ways to kick your negative thoughts to the curb!