The One Thing to Know If You Want to Set Up Your Own Beauty Brand


Milk Makeup

Have you ever thought about giving up your job to start your own business? Perhaps—and we'll take a wild guess here, seeing as you're a Byrdie reader—you might have even thought about launching your very own beauty brand. The thing is that it's hard to know where to start if you're beginning from scratch. From understanding how to follow through with your ideas to knowing where to find your motivation, as well as understanding your market, there are plenty of issues to consider.

Which is why we tapped forward-thinking beauty industry innovators to give us their best advice. We've spoken to the founders of Glossier, Deciem and the like to find out what the key to success really is. And regardless of how and why they set up their companies, they all revealed that ensured their success: They were unique. Curious to find out how they managed to stand out from the crowd? Keep scrolling for some incredible tips on how to start your own beauty brand from some of the biggest innovators in the industry.

Opening Image: Glossier