How I Learnt to Start Running for Real (and How You Can Too)


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I've dabbled in running for years, but I wasn't ever very good at it. When it came to properly running, and by that I mean being able to run for longer that 10 minutes at a time, I wasn't sure how to start. I used to just whack on my Nike Running app and hope for the best, having to stop after a few minutes when I was knackered. So how did I go from short sprints (and then out-of-breath walks) to 30-minute, 45-minute and hourlong runs? Simple: one minute at a time.

You might wonder Why now? and that's a fair point. As I've gotten older, I wanted to know that I can get good at some form of exercise. I wasn't exactly sporty at school, and I wanted to be able to feel like my body could achieve something. However, the lack of stamina on my part meant that if I wanted to get up to my goal of 10k, I needed to work out how to run for one hour nonstop. And there was one trick that helped me more than any other I'd tried before.

Keep scrolling to find out how I learned to start running, plus other tips I discovered along the way.