How to Kick-Start a Healthy Habit (and Ditch the Bad Ones Too)



Naturally, we humans are creatures of habit, finding comfort in the routines and regular rituals that punctuate our days. The thing is that while some of our habits can be pretty positive (ringing your mum every Wednesday, finishing off the weekend with a souped-up bath every Sunday, et al), some of them we'd rather weasel our way out of.

Of course, by nature, vices aren't that easy to ditch. Just as it is tricky to turn a behaviour into a habit, it can be equally tricky shaking off that habit once it's had time to settle in. Which means that if you're looking to curb something, it's going to take some hard work.

But—where there's a will, there's a way. Or so mind coach Anna Williamson promises us. We checked in with the expert to find out whether learning a new habit is possible for all of us and how to start (and stick to) a healthy habit.