I Broke This Shampoo Rule, and It Changed My Hair

If my hair and I had a relationship status, it’d be “It’s complicated.” Thick, slightly rough, and with a natural wave, its texture is supposedly “in” right now (thank you, French women and off-duty models), but the days when I’d spend hours straightening and subsequently frying it still haunt me—and, fine, maybe I resent it a little for putting me through that ordeal. However, since switching over to sulfate-free shampoo—and thanks in part to the glorious invention that is dry shampoo—my hair and I have reached a mostly stable plateau in our relationship. The roller coaster of emotions is gone, and we’re definitely in the sweatpants-sofa-sushi-takeout phase.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our problems. Take, for instance, the fact that my hair never feels as clean as I’d like it to after shampooing. Maybe it’s because the gentler products I use don’t contain the detergents that give it that squeaky-clean feeling, and maybe it’s because half of the time I shower at my boyfriend’s apartment (his water pressure is atrocious), but I find that there’s always a bit of a gritty, greasy feeling at my roots, especially in the back area of my head near my neck. It’s not noticeable to anyone who looks, but if anyone were to touch it, it’d be really obvious. 

It was after a particularly dismal shampoo that I arrived at Ramirez-Tran Salon a few weeks ago for an event celebrating the talented owners, Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran, and their partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel. There was a station where one of the salon’s stylists could style your hair, and against my better judgment, I sat down, meekly apologised to hairstylist Sal Salcedo for the sad, greasy state of my strands, and then allowed him to work his magic. As he curled and waved my hair with deft hands, he asked me about my current hair routine—and then, shared a piece of advice that changed the state of my hair forever. Keep scrolling to see what it was!