The Foolproof Guide to Removing Gel Polish at Home

Whoever invented gel polish should be simultaneously kissed and shaken. Yes, we love admiring our ever glossy nails day after day, nary a chip in sight. But then the dreaded two-week mark hits, and the shine starts to fade, chips start to show, and cuticles suddenly start growing in at breakneck speed. The only solution is to remove them and start all over…le sigh. To save you a trip to the nail salon, we spoke with celebrity manicurist Carla Kay (she’s painted the digits of Lily Aldridge and Jennifer Hudson) and got her expert advice on how to remove gel polish in the comfort of your own home. Turns out, it was a lot simpler than we thought—and it actually works.


Click through the slideshow above for her step-by-step tips!


Photo courtesy of Guess