Put Down the Lemon Juice—THIS Is What Really Removes Fake Tan



Hands up: Who's ever applied fake tan after a (boozy) night out, only to discover the next morning they've transformed into a tiger? While you want to remove it immediately, grabbing the lemon juice and a flannel doesn't work as an emergency solution. (I've tried it—don't do it.) So how do you remove the stuff without reaching for the wire wool and causing damage to your skin? I spoke to expert Jules Von Hep, global tanning director for Tan-Luxe, and is the go-to tanner for many an A-lister when they want to look golden and sun-kissed. 

When I spoke to Jules, he told me he spots bad tans everywhere he goes. And he's not shy about telling people, either. While he'll let colleagues know if they need to sort out their tell-tale streaky hands, he's been tempted to tell people he spies on the commute (you've been warned). He even has a word for it: the tan-over. Like a true expert, however, he does say that prevention is better than cure, with the true trick to not having any streaks is to prepare beforehand (moisturising a lot is key, says Jules). But if you're really in an unsightly orange pickle, there are a few hacks to save you.

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