Making This Small Change Will Help Prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles

Believe it or not, there's a right and wrong way to take off your eye makeup. And it's not just about what you're using, but rather how you're using it. These days, makeup is long lasting, budge-proof, and often waterproof. As such, it's important to use a makeup remover that's ready to handle the job. If you use poorly made eye-makeup remover, you'll have to work harder (read: torture your skin) to remove it.

I spoke with renowned makeup artists and dermatologists to get the skinny on the best technique and products to use. Unsurprisingly, they all agreed on one thing: Pulling or tugging at your skin results in damage and breakage of the delicate blood vessels. You can easily tear the sensitive skin around your eyes and ultimately wear out your skin (hello wrinkles). To put a stop to this madness, see below for everything you need to know to remove stubborn makeup without ageing your skin in the process.