How to Do the Party Season's #1 Lip Trend, by Doina Ciobanu


Doina Ciobanu

The ombré lip has been a beauty sensation for the past few years, but it's set to be huge this season. It’s not just a more artistic way of doing the red lip, but it also enhances the size of your lips. My first attempt to re-create the look was at about 17. Back then I didn’t have access to a fancy black lipstick, so what I did instead was use black eye shadow at the corners of my lips. It still worked and looked really good as a result. However, five years and a political science degree later, I decided to re-create the look and show you a more grown-up and civilised way of achieving the same result. (Be warned: It will get messy before it gets good.) Keep scrolling for my step-by-step guide to red ombré lips.