Sit at a Screen All Day? This Is the Skincare Routine for You

From snaps and selfies to sitting at a computer all day and peering into our phones at night, it’s safe to say that we’re exposing ourselves to a lot more screen time than previous generations. It’s also safe to say, that we don’t yet know even half the damage that all of this may, or may not, be doing to be our skin.

Scientists are, of course, delving into the issue as we speak, furiously trying to deduce whether blue light really is an ageing threat and how new tech-specific habits (such as the text-reading hunch or the late-night Facebook squint) are going to affect us long term. But while solid studies are still low in numbers—the social media revolution is still a relatively new phenomenon, after all—the general vibe of results being revealed are already a cause for (mild-ish) concern.

So, do you have tech face? Here are the skin issues to look out for, the tech that could be causing it and—most importantly—what to do about it.




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Opening Image: Imaxtree/Instagram @kendalljenner/Instagram @gigihadid/ Getty Images