This Simple Trick Predicts How Your Face Will Age

I have, as many people tell me, a “baby face.” You know, like Ellen Page or Selena Gomez. My whole life, people have always thought I was at least three to five years younger than I am. I don’t know exactly what gives me my baby face: my round cheeks, maybe, or my cartoonish circular eyes. Perhaps the freckles that dot my nose and cheeks. Regardless, as a teenager, I hated it. I wanted nothing more than to look 25. People told me when I got older I’d be grateful to have such a cherubic face. Of course, this aggravated me to no end. But a year and a half ago, I turned 22, and my perspective shifted. For the first time, I found myself warming up to the idea that I’d be carded at bars until I was 35. Finally, I was glad to have a baby face.

But just as soon as I’d gotten used to my youthful visage, a professional age-evaluator burst my bubble. According to the discerning eye of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, I would decidedly not look 22 for the rest of my life. In fact, my aging process had already begun. Bowe could tell exactly how my face would continue aging. She could even tell where and when.

Today, I’m 24. And according to Bowe, I’m going to start showing my age in the next three to four years, mostly thanks to one pesky thing: my facial expressions.