The Genius Hack That Prevents Blisters on Your Feet

It’s funny how you could have a tried-and-true pair of sandals that you can rely on for comfort, and then one day you start to get a blister. What’s that all about? And of course there is the potluck that comes with donning a new pair for the first time, they could love your feet, they could hate them, who knows? And I am definitely not the person prepared enough to carry an umbrella and tissues in my bag, let alone blister plasters. Trouble is, once a blister sets in, not only does it make summer feet look a bit unsightly but it can cause all your other shoes to rub. Luckily a recent trip to the hairdresser’s for a pedicure revealed a hack so simple and so effective that it will prevent this from ever happening again. Keep scrolling to find out which handbag staple will rescue your feet…



Getty/Timur Emek/Contributor

I recently headed to Daniel Hersheson in Harvey Nichols for a pedicure (which was brilliant, by the way), and of course the conversation often found its way back round to feet.

My therapist was telling me about how she had gone for a walk recently in a new pair of sandals, and lo and behold she started to get a blister. “I wasn’t near any shops and it was really painful! So, I knew I had to do something. I just took some of my lip balm and rubbed it on the area where the blister was starting to appear. Thankfully it worked and I managed to get home without it getting worse!” she told me, before launching into another topic entirely. “Sorry, can we just go back to that balm?” I asked. “What did you use?” She told me it was Carmex Lip Balm Tube (£3).

The thing is I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before. I’ve run two marathons and part of the prep at the start line is to slather Vaseline on your skin to prevent chaffing, so of course applying lip balm will ease the rubbing that occurs between sandal and foot. And it’s one product that most women, and often men, carry about with them. 

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