The Surprising £5 Drugstore Buy That Prevents Blisters

Sandal season is upon us, so knowing how to prevent blisters is crucial. A blister doesn’t just make walking anywhere a real bore, they can also look seriously unsightly. It doesn’t matter how great your gel pedi or new Topshop shoes look, a blister will ruin the whole vibe. And it’s not just sandals—if you’re into running, the hot weather (when it finally arrives) can cause your feet to perspire and, in turn, lead to blisters, even in your most trusted pair of kicks. Luckily there is a quick, easy and affordable way to prevent blisters that comes podiatrist-approved. Keep scrolling to find out what it is and how to use it.

Our sister site, Who What Wear UK, spoke to City Chiropody’s founder and podiatrist, Andrew Gladstone, about the summer sandals that are bad for your feet when the topic of blisters came up.

The key to preventing blisters, it appears, is to prevent sweat. Sweat causes friction to occur between your skin and the shoe, and as this happens, fluid builds up between the epidermis and the lower layers of the skin. The cushion of fluid serves a purpose, to protect the skin from further damage, allowing it to heal. Clever, but unsightly.

So how can you prevent the sweat that causes the blister to form? Gladstone told the publication, “Surgical spirit rubbed over feet and between toes can help prevent your feet getting too sweaty—and perfume works as well, as it’s got a high alcohol content.” Who knew?

While perfume undoubtedly smells better than surgical spirit, we’d rather douse our feet in a £5 bottle of rubbing alcohol than our favourite unusual perfume.

For runners, try the surgical spirit trick but also wear double layered socks. The layers of the sock rub together where any friction occurs, leaving your skin intact.

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