The Secret to a Pristine Medicine Cabinet, by a Professional Organiser

Every beauty junkie knows how quickly beauty products can pile up, overflow from our medicine cabinets to our bathroom counters, and seemingly multiply before our very eyes. As we commit to becoming our better selves for the New Year, what better time to finally tackle the beautiful mess that is our beauty product collection. We treasure our makeup, beauty tools, and hair products, so it's about time we show them the respect they deserve. We challenge you to overhaul your medicine cabinet and help it reach its full potential—a pristine presentation of your favourite beauty buys.

To assist with the process, we reached out to professional organiser Tidy Tova for her tips on successfully decluttering your medicine cabinet in favour of a more beautiful, functional space. She spilt her secrets for taking on the daunting project and walked us through each step along the way, even giving her rule for keeping your beauty products organised once you've decluttered.

Keep scrolling for Tidy Tova's organising tips and to say hello to a more beautiful beauty product presentation today.