Ask the Expert: How Can I Fix an Itchy Scalp?

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Our scalps often get overlooked in this ever-increasingly time-poor world, resulting in hair product build-up, limp roots and tired follicles. An itchy, flaky scalp isn't just unsightly, it's annoying too. So what can be done to reinvigorate your scalp and show it some love? We turned to hairstylist Adam Reed, co-founder of Percy & Reed, for the low-down on how to nurture a healthy scalp. Keep scrolling for his tips on how to unlock 360-degree hair well-being.




For your hair to look its best, you need to include the scalp in your haircare routine. Healthy, shiny hair starts with a healthy scalp, but so many people neglect this area. To begin with, you need to take a look at your diet, especially if you have an itchy/flaky scalp. Essential fatty acids are key. Go for omega-3–rich foods like oily fish (think mackerel and salmon); Udo's Choice Ultimate Blend Oil (£22), which you can drizzle over salads or add into smoothies; and eggs. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep hydrated.