11 Ways Product Cocktailing Will Change Your Life

When we say “cocktail”, you probably think “alcohol”, “hangover”, and quite possibly, “mistake” (no judgment). Product cocktailing, on the other hand? Now that’s a whole different story. For those unfamiliar, the term is basically the beauty version of your favourite imbibe; in other words, two or more products mixed together for an enhanced final effect. We spoke with celebrity makeup artist Kirin Bhatty (she’s responsible for Jessica Paré’s always-stunning looks) and hairstylist Ryan Richman (he counts Sarah Hyland as a client) and asked them to share their favourite product combinations. Whether you’re looking for a way to sculpt your cheekbones without sacrificing shimmer, or way to keep your curls in place without weighing them down with gel, we’ve got you covered. We have to admit—“beauty bartender” does have a nice ring.


Click through the slideshow above to see the 11 product cocktails that will change your life!