Manifestation Is the New Meditation: The Secret to Living the Life You Want

What do a riverside apartment in Manhattan, a 42" TV and meeting Sarah Jessica Parker have in common? Well, I manifested them all. I asked, believed and—much to my surprise—the universe delivered. I’ve been manifesting for 11 years since The Secret by Rhonda Byrne fell into my lap in a rather kismet way.

Ever the diligent student, I took to manifestation with as much gusto as my degree. I would send letters to the universe and spend hours (okay, months) visualising how I would get it. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But last year, when I started to get that telltale feeling in my gut that I wasn't happy in my career and life, I knew that I needed to boost my manifesting game. I also realised that just thinking positive wasn’t going to cut it.

Naturally, the answer was to be found on Instagram, where I stumbled on the Free & Native page and saw Lacy Phillips, the founder and manifestation adviser. This was a radical shift from all of the manifesting I'd done in the past. The Free & Native approach was one that defined manifesting as a process of raising your self-worth and being authentic by reprogramming limiting beliefs. I was hooked.

When I was 17 and high on life, passive cosmic ordering and keeping a fake cheque for £100,000 in my purse was enough to inspire me. But at 28, I had no clue on where my life was headed, and I knew I had to work on manifesting the life I wanted.