The Expert Verdict on How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Whether you’ve been growing your hair (or trying, at least) for years without the desired Rapunzel-esque success, or chopped it all off when the Lob took over and now yearn for the return of your long locks, we’ve got exactly the information you need. The answer to one of the most Googled beauty questions the world over, and the solution to all your stunted hair growth quandaries.

That’s right, we’ve found out exactly how you really can make your hair grow faster.

While plenty of myths abound (eat your crusts, the cold water rinse), we’ve gone straight to an expert source for the facts, the science and the tips that really work. Want to grow your locks long and strong - without spending a lifetime waiting for the results? Scroll down to see what trichologist Anabel Kingsley (daughter of legendary hair guru Philip Kingsley) has to say on the matter.



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