How to Make Your Eyebrows Thicker Naturally



I won't lie to you, dear Byrdie readers—I wasn't the most remarkable kid. I couldn't draw, I couldn't really tell jokes, and I was never the one who succeeded in pinning the tail on the donkey. That being said, I was gifted with one extraordinary quality: killer eyebrows. Of course, when I was growing up in the '90s, thick brows weren't cool. In fact, most of my friends spent their Sunday afternoons plucking away until their arches were razor thin.

Those days, however, are long behind us, and now bold brows are back and bigger than ever. If you got a little overzealous with tweezing in your youth, you might find growing your brows out to be a challenge. With the right products on hand, it's possible to get them thicker naturally. We recommend giving these remedies a month of daily use to see a noticeable change. Since they're largely oil-based, acne-prone readers may want to scale usage back to once or twice a week. Keep reading to learn how to make your eyebrows thicker naturally.

While you're waiting for these remedies to kick in, these are the best pencils for faking bushier eyebrows.