This Is the Real Reason Your Hair Won't Curl



The fate of fine-haired women feels especially unfair. Sure, information on how to achieve Blake Lively–esque waves abounds, with all the accompanying step-by-step guides, product picks and must-read tips, yet none of the advice seems to take into account your thin strands and how they quickly deflate to their flat, lifeless state after just a few hours (or, let’s be real, minutes). What a tease it is to have what you desire at your fingertips but remain completely unreachable. Le sigh.

Before you succumb to a life of flat, straight hair, know this: We here at Byrdie HQ have heard your cries and are here to help your limp strands. We spoke with hairstylist Matthew Fugate at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City and asked him the real reason our curls unfurl, plus exactly what we can do to remedy it. Considering he’s worked with the likes of Claire Danes, Brooke Shields, and, yes, the ever-well-tressed Blake Lively, we’re taking his word as gospel, natch. Keep scrolling to see his tips.